Another scorcher here in Brisbane, and the team has been pushing on with the build. As soon as it hit 8:30, the construction began. Despite the exhaustion, the team were in high spirits and stayed confident as they worked through a very critical day of the build. It was fantastic to see so much progress today – it is all finally coming together!

Over lunch they were able to get out of the sun for a bit, and were joined by Alex Ibarra for an Indigenous Cultural Learning. But then straight back out on site to get ready for lift off. 

The team was able to persevere despite an unexpected change of crane, and successfully lifted Part A and B of the bridge into place. You could definitely see the excitement – after 5 full on days and many hours working hard under the sun, the first two sections were completed. They were also able to progress the stage C stick build ahead of schedule, which will take the pressure off tomorrow. The Envision reports also showed that not only are they ahead of schedule, but they are also way under budget.

They are looking in fine form for completion as long as they have another successful day tomorrow. However the day was not over yet! Harry Hartman has organised an Industry BBQ with not only the current cohort but some veterans from the previous build as well as many Industry professionals. This gives everyone another chance to network and for others to gain insight and appreciation for what Constructionarium is all about. Harry Hartman had some interesting activities lined up for this one, including a group push up session, and building a Constructionarium Supporter Train, with Pensar as the locomotive.

Tomorrow they will be tackling the flooring, the handrails, and the middle section of the bridge. They are feeing very confident, but only time will tell!