After 8 full days of very intense training and construction, The Story Bridge is officially open! Congratulations to all the participants on such a successful build. Yesterday they lifted the middle section into place and finished off the flooring and handrails ready for the official ribbon cutting this morning, courtesy of Pensar’s Reece Deaves.  

It was extremely hard work and it wasn’t without a few speed bumps, namely the change of crane and some missing bolts. But the cohort used the knowledge and skills they have learned throughout the program and pulled it off with no defects, ahead of schedule and with $13,000 profit – which they were alarmingly quick to calculate to be about 23 beers each. 

To wrap up the programme, the team are heading to Pensar’s head office for an informative Q&A panel discussion on Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace, with panelists Tyrone Tongia, Jackson Lennan, Daryl Curran, Nicolette Spicer, and Reese Deaves as the facilitator. Last but definitely not least, the team and supporters will be celebrating with a drink (or 23) at The Bavarian, overlooking a view of the real Story Bridge. 

It has been a pleasure to work with this dedicated, committed and knowledgable group of students and early-career engineers, and it is comforting to see that construction, engineering and design is in very capable hands as the next generation of professionals make their mark on the industry.

With 6 builds coming up in 2020 including both the Story Bridge and the Water Battery, there is plenty of opportunity for any ambitious students or early career engineers to participate, as well as for any potential sponsors to support a build and be a part of the fun. 

Thank you again to all our valued sponsors for allowing us to do what we do, PensarEnvision.Lean Construction AdvisoryMadsen GiersingGRC Quantity SurveyorsDownerStruberWH&S More SkillsThe Construction Training CentreUniversal CranesCoats HireThe PretENGineers4020 ConsultPulp VisionQMCADuluxIPDM, Keller & HDR.