This week, we start the build! However not before some very important last workshops at the Construction Training Centre. We hope the cohort got enough rest over the weekend because we sure did organise another eventful programme, and Brisbane didn’t do us any favours by throwing us a scorching 35° day.

Firstly, we revisited last weeks tenders again to get some more feedback from IPDM’s Gary Parkinson. Next, Christina Levinson of Lean Advisory Group joined us to discuss the impact of applying LEAN principles in the Infrastructure Industry. This is key for helping the cohort complete the project in line with a tight schedule and an unmovable deadline.

The team then regrouped to prepare the Story Bridge Build with the Last Planner in line with the LEAN principles they learned from Christina. After merging teams last week, it was really interesting to watch the team dynamics developing further, with leaders starting to emerge and team values being formed. Fantastic to see them finding their groove as one unified team before the build commences. 

For the next workshop we were joined by Paul Gatrell of JF Hull Holdings who delved into the difference between Quality Management, Quality Control and Quality Assurance. This was followed by Lasse Madsen of Madsen Giersing, inspiring the cohort in the engineering of temporary works and the importance they play in the project delivery.

Robert Wiley, Pensar’s Operations Manager then joined us to assist with the optimisation of the resources for tomorrow. Also from Pensar we had Daryl Curran join us again and Sam Samuels assisting the team with their SWMS and safety plan. Again, we should remind you that this project isn’t made of toothpicks and paper cards. It requires a crane, traffic management, manual labour and is every bit as legitimate as any other construction project, and for this reason safety needs to be a priority.

Lastly, we welcomed back Christine Knappstein and Matt Titmarsh from Envision to embed the budget preparation and cost control process into the system. We were’t kidding when we said they had a lot to get through today! But these workshops are pivotal to pulling off a successful Story Bridge Build, so we thank all our valued guest who joined us today, and commend the cohort for keeping their fun energy and high spirits throughout!

Tomorrow is the first official day of the build, and we are feeling the excitement! 

Thank you to our valued sponsors and supporters, PensarEnvision.Lean Construction Advisory, Madsen Giersing, GRC Quantity Surveyors, Downer, Struber, WH&S More Skills, The Construction Training Centre, Universal Cranes, Coats Hire, The PretENGineers, 4020 Consult, Pulp Vision, QMCA, DuluxIPDM, Keller & HDR.