Tuesday of week two is always an important day on site as it’s the time where the cohort’s construction methodology behind to be put to the test and the heavy lifting, quite literally, begins. With Friday’s deadline approaching rapidly, ominous weather forecasts and a lot to do, the pressure was on to make progress on constructing the Bielby Holdings Story Bridge.

Commencing with a safety pre-start and toolbox, Jason Edge and Alex Ibarra ensured the team were prepared for the day and had their plan in place for the day’s activities so they could make maximum use of their crane and rigger who were arriving on site. The morning was spent on-site managing traffic, connecting sections, planning lifts and ensuring that the first sections were constructed, ready for lifting onto their piers across the next two days.

As this cohort will be at the forefront of ensuring our sector’s environmental sustainability, it was a pleasure to welcome Scott Losee to the site to deliver a Lunch and Learn on ISCA and the principles behind infrastructure sustainability.

After lunch, the team headed back to site to continue their build; working against the elements in stifling heat and humidity, they got on with the job and made excellent progress.

Nelson Ganhao, revisited the site in the afternoon and took the team through a design training session that focussed on Whole of Life Design, passing on his knowledge and expertise. We can’t be thankful enough for the support that Nelson shows Constructionarium Australia; he is a great example of the collaborative nature of our industry.

At the end of the day, the E7 team joined the cohort to go through their progress and performance. You can download their daily reports here:

Site Report 2 March- https://www.constructionariumaustralia.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/constructionarium_feb_2021_1_0_site_report_2021-03-02.pdf 

Site Report 3 March – https://www.constructionariumaustralia.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/constructionarium_feb_2021_1_0_site_report_2021-03-03.pdf

Cost Report – 3 March – https://www.constructionariumaustralia.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/constructionarium_feb_2021_2_0_hours_cost_report_2021-03-03.pdf

E7’s timesheet and site tracking proved invaluable, recording hours worked and progress made before comparing this with money spent and money earned. The day’s final results were then summarised and presented to the team with assistance from E7’s Luke Read and Dominic Hefferen, identifying to the Constructionarium cohort where they had done well (and areas they needed to address) via E7’s detailed reports.

As work continues, with E7’s guidance, the team now knows exactly where they stand, and what needs to be done to secure success for the build on time and budget

Wednesday began under very ominous skies; the cohort was going to get wet. And we had the small matter of the VIP BBQ in the afternoon, fingers were crossed that it would not be a washout. Anyone who knows Constructionarium Australia’s Executive Director, Harry Hartman, knows that he is an eternal optimist and, after consulting the various weather forecasts, predicted the show would go on and that the rain would not hold back progress.

So the team, waterproofed to the max, headed out to the site to get on with the build. Progress was naturally a little slower, but in challenging conditions, safety is paramount. Often when we tell people about the Bridge and the Program, they assume we have a box of Lego, some match sticks and a bit of glue, but the reality is that the structure is 30m long and weighs around 4-tonnes. This poses real risks to the safety of the cohort; therefore, it was fantastic to see the team taking the right precautions, managing their work environment and ensuring safe practices at all times.  Given the conditions, good progress was made, with all 3 spans constructed and one lifted into place and the team is confident that the slight loss in time and productivity due to the weather will be made up and the bridge delivered on time on Friday.

For our Lunch and Learn, Alex Ibarra delivered an amazing session on Indigenous Culture. Covering everything from native flora and fauna through to the role of community, stories and history the session was an eye-opener for our cohort, particularly when Alex discussed traditional methods and construction materials.

The afternoon was spent revisiting the team’s lean plan, checking costs and budgets, tweaking schedules and preparing for the VIP BBQ. Under grey skies, the event was a huge success as the participants were able to meet and network with senior leaders from across the sector. A huge part of what we try to achieve at Constructionarium Australia is the creation of networks and to give the participants confidence to put themselves out there and to connect with people in the industry. At the BBQ this is the perfect opportunity and our cohort rose to the task, providing tours of the site, answering questions and sharing their experiences with our guests.

Thank you to everyone who made the time to come along and to support the event.

We now head into Thursday. There is a little bit of work to do to catch up, the weather forecast is not fantastic, but we have the utmost confidence that come 10:00 am on Friday morning, we will have a bridge ready for the ribbon cutting ceremony.