On day 5 the team were ready to get down to work and on the tools, so they headed outside and under the expert leadership of Jason Edge were full inducted and trained on the equipment that they will need over the course of the build.

The bridge consists of multiple steel sections and is bolted together by hand, so management of power tools is critical as safety is paramount in an environment where there are many moving parts, lots of onsite activities and multiple sections of 4 tonne bridge.

We were then joined by Lasse Madsen of partners Madsen Giersing who took the team through the fundamentals of engineering of Temporary Works and the role that they have to play in managing a project. In a highly informative session Lasse provided insights that the teams will need to factor into their planning as they really push hard to hit their deadlines and cost targets.

A long term friend of Constructionarium Australia, Nelson Ganhao, posed the intriguing question “Is there any fat in designs these days and why not?” as he took the cohort through the essentials of good design and how design should be approached in order to deliver the right outcomes for a project. Nelson designed our Story Bridge, as we are always grateful for the support of HDR for our programmes and the time Nelson dedicates to visiting site, answering questions and passing on knowledge and expertise.

Throughout the day Bernhard Budiono of Envision assisted the team with their use of the system and their Cost Control reporting for the day. At this stage they are a little behind on Earned Value but they reckon they will recover tomorrow; they will need to because at the heart of any project must be profitability.

Day 6 will be critical as they press on with the build to be ready for Friday’s grand opening!

Daily Performance Report - 3 December 2019

Check out the team’s performance against their cost and time thanks to Envision.

Daily Site Report - 3 December 2019

Check out the team’s Daily Site Report thanks to Envision.