Constructionarium Australia is delighted to welcome CPM on-board as Programme Partners for our 2020 builds.

CPM provides whole life cycle project and design management services for infrastructure and building sector projects, and CEO Neil Silversides outlined why CPM supports Constructionarium Australia. “At CPM, we feel very fortunate. Our directors and management team have built a successful company over the last 10 years and want to repay the industry that has given us so many opportunities by investing in the next generation.”

Across 8 days, Constructionarium Australia participants work on the construction of a major project, gaining experience in all aspects of an engineering project including project and issues management, safety, budgetary control and timely project delivery.

The Australian version is unique in that participants are drawn from different organisations from different sectors rather than a single cohort of students. This exposes young engineers to a more realistic project situation where they must get to know each other quickly to form effective teams.

Neil highlights that “As a programme, Constructionarium Australia provides students and professionals with the one thing that anybody working in infrastructure needs, practical experience. Our universities provide outstanding theoretical knowledge, but there is nothing quite like experiencing the pressure, camaraderie and satisfaction of being involved in a project from start to finish. They also get to benefit from learning from and connecting with leaders in our industry who are more than happy to share experiences and offer advice and support to all.”

“CPM is also excited by the ambitious plans that Harry and the board have going forward. All-female builds, new projects such as the Eleanor Schonell Bridge and Water Battery as well as plans to expand across regional Queensland will take the initiative to a new level; one that we want to play a major part in,” said Neil.

Neil also believes that Constructionarium Australia has a vital role to play in helping to attract and retain talent within construction.

“Alongside our partnership with the University of Queensland, where we sponsor two academic prizes, Constructionarium is another way in which we can get young people excited about a career in engineering.”

“I, like many people in the industry, have been able to have a fantastic career, working in different countries on a variety of projects across different sectors and within different roles. I started my career as an apprentice electrician in the UK which that sparked my interest in what the industry could offer. Thanks to the infrastructure industry I was able to continue my education to become an engineer and have been able to build a long-term career, develop new skills and to be given opportunities that I could not have imagined when I started.”

“Construction and infrastructure is a great industry to work in, and we hope that by working with Harry and the team we can inspire people to consider a career in engineering and to become part of the industry we love,” said Neil.

Constructionarium Australia’s Executive Director, Harry Hartman, welcomed CPM to the family “We are delighted to have Neil and CPM on-board. They have a passion for our industry and are showing their commitment to the next generation by supporting us throughout 2020. We look forward to great things coming about as a result of working with CPM,” said Harry.