As we prepare for our November 2019 Story Bridge Build, our third Story Bridge Build of the year, it is worth reflecting on one of the key reasons that we can support undergraduate, postgraduate and early-stage career professionals through our programmes; the support of the infrastructure industry in Queensland.

Harry Hartman, Constructionarium Australia’s Executive Director, explained how crucial the goodwill and collegiate nature of the industry has been. “In 2017, Downer supported Constructionarium, investing time and resources in creating the replica bridge that our teams use for each build. On its own that is a fantastic show of support, but what Downer did was to create a legacy.”

“Due to their support, we have a 24m long, 5-tonne replica bridge that we can build, decommission and rebuild, meaning that we can use their investment to support the future leaders of our industry time and time again. This year alone Downer’s initial commitment will have supported over 60 people to participate in an 8-day training programme that provides hands-on experience of every aspect of a major project from tender to completion and handover.”

The Story Bridge also has a role to play in Downer’s history. Evan Deakins Industries fabricated the bridge between 1935-1940 and were acquired by Downer in 2001, and the location for the Constructionarium Australia builds is in the site of the Evan Deakins premises where the works were undertaken at The Construction Training Centre in Salisbury.

Queensland General Manager from Downer’s Transport Projects business, Jeff Bowser, said: “Downer is delighted to have been able to help create a long-term and sustainable training programme for our industry.  As an industry we must invest in the future of our people, and their capability and Constructionarium Australia is a programme that helps us to do that.”

Since Downer pioneered the way in 2017, Constructionarium has been supported by organisations throughout the infrastructure sector from major contractors through the whole supply chain. “Thanks to the leadership of Downer, the wider industry has become involved in our programmes, and our list of supporters is growing each week. And it is fair to say that without Downer’s initial support for the Story Bridge Concept, we would not be able to undertake the work that we do and help support the future of our industry,” said Mr Hartman.