It was a big first day at the kick off of Constructionarium Australia’s November Story Bridge build today as the participants drawn from universities, clients, contractors and the infrastructure supply chain arrived on site ready for 8 exciting days working towards a 25m replica of the Brisbane icon.

To start off, Harry Hartman shared his extensive knowledge about the importance of winning tenders by being better than your competition and the importance of executing as per your budget or better. Efficient Project Management is key to survive in the industry!

We then welcomed Daryl Curran from Pensar for the highly important Safety Induction.  People can sometimes underestimate what is involved in this build, but in reality it involves moving around a large amount of steel, wood and concrete that requires crane lifts, traffic management plans, manual handling, labour and every other facet of a major project, including the safety procedures!

We were also joined by Christine Knappstein and Adrian Smith from Envision. about the proper project controls where the cohort learn how to capture cost and monitor progress. They introduced a new estimating program to the Constructionarium training which they have developed with a tier 1 like TOPSHEET, capturing the Tender Cost.

The participants were then split into two teams to start their tenders, with the guidance of Reese Deaves from Pensar. The winning team will be chosen to construct the Story Bridge for Constructionarium, so it is about to get competitive! It was great to see the teams already beginning to work well together.

The cohort then grouped back together to hear about the history of the Story Bridge as well as the design logic of major bridges. It was a very informative presentation lead by Nelson Ganhao, Design Lead of HDR. Lastly, Rod Bernard, BIM Manager of HDR, presented the first of three sessions which dives into using BIM on the Story Bridge.

It was fantastic to see such an ambitious bunch of young participants so focused from day 1. Like a sponge, they absorbed a lot of valuable information which they will use again tomorrow when they return to continue the tender process.

Thank you to the rest of our sponsors and supporters, Lean Construction Advisory, Madsen Giersing, GRC Quantity Surveyors, Downer, Struber, WH&S More Skills, The Construction Training Centre, Universal Cranes, Coats Hire, The PretENGineers, 4020 Consult, Pulp Vision, QMCA, DuluxIPDM & Keller.