The last two days have been all about the T, not so much about the LC. Yesterday was jam packed with workshops and presentations to help the cohort work through their tenders with Jason Edge, Rod Bernard, and Simon Griffin. We also welcomed Scott Losee for an interesting and very important presentation on Sustainable Infrastructure.

To finish of a long day, the cohort made their way over to Soapbox Beer for the QMCA Christmas Networking Event. Constructionarium is more than just the theory and practical learning; soft skills and networking are just as important, and this event was a perfect opportunity for the participants to develop these skills by mingling with a room full of industry professionals. Big thank you to QMCA, one of our valued sponsors, for having us there. 

The 1pm tender deadline is looming, and there is definitely some tired eyes looking around the room this morning. There’s no doubt that these 8 days are absolutely jam packed, and both teams are working very hard to pull together the best tender they can to come out on top.  

Team 1 had a very strong presentation, showing the client that they had thought about everything needed to pull off this project. They also communicated how their plan would save time and therefore the clients money. Harry Hartman and Reese Deaves did not hold back on the questions, but he commended the group on their smooth presentation.

Team 2 started off strong by going through their company’s history, which was established 1935 and have worked on projects including, but not limited to, the full size Story Bridge in Kangaroo Point – tough competition! They continued to deliver a very thorough presentation with a particular focus on ensuring a safe environment and a quality result. Again, the panel didn’t let them off easy with their questions.

Both teams did exceptionally well, and it was an extremely close call, with less than 2% difference in their results. But there can only be one winner, so congratulations to team 1 for winning the tender for the Story Bridge Build November 2019! The deal was closed with a very official signing of the contract, starting a new relationship between the team and their clients.

Evaluation panel lead Harry Hartman said “It is unreal what you have delivered when you have had only 3 days to put together a monster project, with a team of people you don’t know from a bar of soap. We are blown away by your commitment and creativity.”

After a well deserved weekend of rest and recuperation, team 1’s methodology and programme will be loaded into the Envision software and will be used by the entire cohort as they merge into one unified team.

The fun is only going to escalate from here, so we will see you back here next week for some more exciting updates!

Thank you to our valued sponsors and supporters, PensarEnvision.Lean Construction Advisory, Madsen Giersing, GRC Quantity Surveyors, Downer, Struber, WH&S More Skills, The Construction Training Centre, Universal Cranes, Coats Hire, The PretENGineers, 4020 Consult, Pulp Vision, QMCA, DuluxIPDM, Keller & HDR.