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Constructionarium provides a safe environment for new engineers to develop team working skills, problem solving capabilities and hands on experience building a replica of a larger structure.

typical programme

Constructionarium is a hands-on learning experience – an exceptional opportunity for young professionals to develop practical project development, leadership and team skills.

Typically participants of the programme work as a team and together learn to plan, tender, build and handover a scale project – a Challenge – that resembles an iconic civil engineering feat – bridge, building, tower or other structure.

Our core themes are:
Each build includes training on the latest construction theory from industry experts and includes Lean Methodologies, BIM and Digital Engineering, Design Principles and Project Controls.

Practical Training
Each project includes a real build of an iconic structure such as the Story Bridge and includes a tender, construction phase, safety management and more.

An important part of Constructionarium Australia is our networks and we enable our cohorts to build relationships with their peers and industry.

As a result of participation each member of the cohort will have been exposed to the key project, management, technical and interpersonal skills that are the core requirements of the modern infrastructure professional.

They will benefit from being part of a hands-on, real construction project that incorporates the full project lifecycle including incorporating BIM in design and construction under formal execution by licensed contractor and supported by a formal design by licensed engineering firm.

At the heart of Constructionarium Australia are the following principles which guide the development of a build programme;

Constructionarium Strategy

  • Train Graduates And Students In Project Management
  • Create Alumni Opportunity To Meet Peers
  • Network Options For Industry

A typical programme across the 8 days is intended to cover theory and practical elements and contains learning sessions, keynote speaking spots, workshops and construction days.

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